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Fitness On Demand

Our Fitness On-Demand system located in our main group classroom is great to use any time of the day when a scheduled class is not already in session. This allows everyone the chance to try a class from yoga, to bootcamp, and even a quick 20 minute ab classes on your lunch break. With over 80 videos to choose from there’s no excuse when it comes to fitting in your weekly exercise.



Ab Assault (19 minutes)
Only have a little time to work out? Embark on a 19 minute guided ab routine. The class name says it all.

Blast N’ Burn (30 minutes)
Judi blasts and burns that fat in this 30 minute video that uses interval training to bring you to your max efforts. All you need is a medicine ball, or even a towel will do, and you’ll be ready to Blast N’ Burn with Judi.

Butt, Hips, Thighs (33 minutes)
It’s time to get your lower body looking great with Anka’s Butts, Hips, and Thighs workout.

Cardio Sculpt (32 minutes)
Judi Strengthens and sculpts our body in this intense workout.

Center of Gravity (41 minutes)
This fusion class combines yoga and Pilates with a focus on strengthening the glutes and core to improve balance and coordination.

Groove (31 minutes)
Find your groove with the Groove class. This exciting class features moves found in other popular dance classes like Zumba and Flirty Girl Fitness.

Intense Abs (21 minutes)
Join Eitan fort his calorie-burning and stomach-toning workout. Short and effective, your abs will be throbbing after this one. All you need is a water bottle, a yoga mat, and your core.

Leans Abs (30 minutes)
This intense abs routine will get you lean, sexy abs by combining cardio with a number of core exercises. Only 30 minutes long, it’s great for fitting a quick workout into your busy schedule.

Metabolic Max (30 minutes)
Get a full-body workout in just 30 minutes. All you need is a water bottle, towel, yoga mat, and you A-game as Daily Burn instructor Cody Pushes you to the limit.

MOVE Bollywood (32 minutes)
You know you’ve always wanted to dance in a Bollywoo movie- well now you can with Kearin LaShae. She’ll take you through both traditional and modern Indian moves straight from Bollywood that will have you smiling as you melt away calories and fat.

Pilates (46 minutes)
Learn to utilize and strengthen your powerhouse: deep abdominal muscles, oblique and lower back. This one-hour class combines the precise movements of Pilates with traditional fitness elements.

Power Pilates (47 minutes)
JR shows you that Pilates is for everyone in this great workout.

Pump (53 minutes)
Pump is a dumbbell class that strengthens your entire boy. This 55-minute workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises like squats, presses, lifts, an curls. Great music, awesome instructors and your choice of weight inspire you to get the results you came for- and fast!

Quick core (15 minutes)
This is a great workout for your abs and core when you don’t have a tone of time. JR will lead you through a quick progression and give you the motivation you need.

Step (50 minutes)
This high energy, heart pumping class uses step choreography to keep you moving and grooving to the beat of the music. This program is a great choice for overall expenditure.

Supreme Stretch (19 minutes)
This short stretching routine is great after a long day at the office or a tough DailyBurn workout. Join Judi as she guides you through all the moves you need to loosen up and stay healthy.

Tabata 2 (38 minutes)
Tabata is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. This class is designed to get you moving and torching calories.

Total Body (32 minutes)
This full body release session with foam rollers an balls lets you work on all of your trigger points and leaves you feeling restored, relaxed, and better ready to face all the stress the world throws at your body daily.

Upper Body (45 minutes)
This 45-minute class is a great upper-body workout. Build lean strong arms and defined shoulders with Keaira.

Yoga-Surya (38 minutes)
Bri teaches you about the fundamentals that you will build upon throughout the entire series. It you’re new to Yoga, this video is a must.

Yoga-Suyra 2 (41 minutes)
Briohny Smyth will guide you through brining awareness to your lowers body. You’ll primarily work on Chair and Warrior 1, practicing you flow.

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