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In the Spotlight: Bowling Green’s Local Celebrities

By Christina | In In the Spotlight | on July 17, 2014

You may not know their names but I’m sure you know their face and voice. Andrew Dawson and Tony Rose are considered local celebrities around BG these days but to the BAC staff they’re another regular face in the gym. That wasn’t always the case though. They both struggled with their body and weight before coming to see the excellent staff at BAC.

Andrew Dawson has been doing the local sports for WBKO for the past 4 years. He also co-hosts a show called Sports Connection that airs Thursdays at 6:30pm on WBKO-Fox and Sundays at 10:35PM on WBKO. Andrew got into sports at a young age when he began playing basketball. It wasn’t till after moving to Bowling Green and suffering an achilles injury that he realized he might need to call up a specialist in the exercise field. Andrew turned to BAC for support. The training staff took Andrew through their assessment to evaluate his injury and how it affected his movement patterns. They were able to build him back up to a normal functioning stage. Since improving in his movements the trainers are now able to really push his limits and get him stronger without worrying as much about getting injured. Andrews says, “I enjoy the way the trainers push you, but aren’t so aggressive that you don’t want to come back. You can tell they want the best for you and want to see you achieve your goals, whatever that may be. I like all the workouts we do. They may be challenging but when you are done working out you feel a real sense of accomplishment.” Andrew has enjoyed the training so much that he has stuck with it for the past year and has seen overall results in decreasing his BF%, better flexibility, and adopting healthier eating habits.

Tony Rose, whose voice you’d probably recognize before his face, has been hosting the Tony Rose Morning Show on Sam 100.7 FM for the past 14 years. Tony’s battle with fitness actually started shortly after he became a radio host. With his job consisting of early mornings and a sedentary desk job he started to pack on the weight. It also didn’t help that he had an addiction to Diet Mt. Dews rather than actual food. Tony was hitting dangerous levels with his health. He knew it was time to make a change. He was referred to BAC from a close friend and set-up his assessment. From that the trainers could tell that his BF% was dangerously high for his age and that his strength was not where it should be. Over the first year with the training staff he not only made changes to his exercise routine but also to his eating habits. He even tried the Paleo diet after being challenge by one of the trainers. He pasted the challenge and without even knowing it made changes to his diet that he continues to use till this day. Tony continues to train with BAC and had become a great friend of the trainers. Tony says “I don’t know where I would be without the training at BAC! Not only do you see the immediate results when you take part in a focused training program but seeing the long term lifestyle changes that automatically take place when you work out in a structured gym environment. I can’t recommend them enough!”.

For more information on training packages and price please contact the training staff at training@bgathleticclub.com.

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