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Behind the Scenes with Fit Tip Friday

By Christina | In Fit Tip, News | on July 17, 2014

Tammy’s Fit Tip videos are featured each Friday on the Bowling Green Athletic Club Facebook and also available on their YouTube account. Her goal is to be a support system for new comers in the fitness world and to provide a fun and easy way to get fitness information out there. “It’s a great way to connect with other and to simply help them by getting the information out there”, says Tammy.

Tammy got started in the fitness crowd shortly after deciding she wanted to become a personal trainer. Her goal was to become the healthiest she could be and to make this a lifestyle change. A few years into her fitness journey she decided to start competing in Figure Shows. When asked why she wanted to do the show she explains it as her wanting to be able to relate to her clients better. “I wanted to put myself in a position that my clients may face so that I could better understand their struggle and knowing what it felt like to work hard to change my body.” She goes on to add, “The truth is everyone has different goals or some motive that they are working towards. Everyone starting out with a new fitness goal has to understand that achieving those goals requires believing in you first. After that comes planning out your progress, hard work, determination, and dedication.” These are all things Tammy learned on her journey and continues to learn as she progresses her knowledge and experience with fitness.

When asked about people being intimidated by her physique she commented, “I know not everyone wants to look like I do but I am a Competitive Figure model and to be successful with the path I have chosen this is the body that is required. My sole job is to listen to what my client’s goals are and to help them achieve what they want. Whether is it to lose fat, gain weight, or just get stronger I want to help create you!”

For the latest fitness tips make sure you like Bowling Green Athletic Club’s Facebook page so you can view the weekly videos. If there is a topic you’d like Tammy to do a video on please let us know.

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