Jamie D.

“Enjoy your body, use it every way you can. The sweat you drip. The time you put in. The devotion to your body…it ALL pays off.”

Hometown: Harrisburg, IL

At a young age I was always interested and participated in sports but as I got older I found it harder to stay on the right track. As I approached my 29th birthday I had reached a point where I’d had enough and I needed to make a change. I decided if I wanted to change I had to make the time for it. I started doing Zumba in January 2013 after I joined a local gym with some friends. The instructor was so inspiring and motivational that it encouraged me to stick with it. I can honestly say that Zumba is the only “work out” I’ve been able to stick with over the years. So, after 6 months when I had gained muscle tone, self-confidence and lost 30 pounds, I decided I wanted to be an inspiration as well. My first big step was hosting a “Party in Pink” Zumbathon to benefit breast cancer awareness and research. Since then I’ve also hosted a health and wellness expo (ZBash), as well as other Zumbathons for charities. I believe everyone can find fitness happiness and to find it you might have to try a few things but eventually you’ll find something worth sticking with! I believe that everyone can accomplish a fitness goal, with determination and accountability you can’t go wrong.

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