“It’s not just about flexibility or strength… it’s about cultivating awareness and balance. Listen to your body, it’s the most amazing gift you’ll ever receive!”

Hometown: Omaha, NE

Namaste. I consider myself a Midwest girl but have lived in many places such as Plymonth, England, Leadville, Colorado, New York, New York, and Omaha, Nebraska. Bowling Green, Kentucky is quickly becoming a true home to my husband, myself and our three young children. Yoga has been with me through all these places and life changes. I have practiced and studied under many dedicated teachers for the past 16 years. My goal in an hour class is to pull from all the different styles of yoga I’ve practiced and incorporate what’s resonated with me to serve you best. I believe we can all benefit from the ‘so simply’ overlooked mind and body connection. Balance, flexibility, and strength are abilities we can all cultivate and improve on, in and out of the gym. I spent many of my formative years in classical ballet classes and am always grateful for this background. I also enjoy a good cardio workout and sweating out some toxins while getting the blood pumping. Hope to meet you soon. Let’s nourish our spirits, muscles and minds together.

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