Cancellation Policy

Members may cancel at any time by submitting a request by registered mail, receipt requested or personally delivered to the CLUB. Upon receiving the request, either via mail or in person, a 30 day cancellation will apply. Cancellations cannot be made over the phone. Cancellations can be mail via email at

If the member is relocating more than twenty-five (25) miles from your residence as stated in the contract, and the CLUB cannot provide comparable facilities and services within five (5) miles of new residence. The CLUB may require written verification of new residence, such as a lease, deed or utility bill. If the member is approved for a relocation cancellation the Club will require a 30 day notice before the next billing cycle to cancel.  

Registered mail cancellation request must be sent to the address below:

Bowling Green Athletic Club
1640 Scottville Road
Suite 500
Bowling Green, KY 42103

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