Corporate Fitness


At Bowling Green Athletic Club, we are going into our 13th year as a local staple and community business. As exercise fads have come and gone, and as our community has continued to grow, we have kept our focus on what we are good at — getting people in shape.

Bowling Green Athletic Club has become a place to “come as you are” and “leave as you want to be.” Our dedication creating an environment that is motivating, simplistic, and user friendly is what keeps our members coming back—year in and year out.

We are very interested in getting to know your company and becoming a part of the fitness success within your company. It’s no secret, fit people perform better than their un-fit peers. And with the increase of payroll, health benefits, and working costs on the rise, getting the most production out of our employees is the only way to stay ahead in the marketplace.

Benefits of Offering a Membership to Your Employees:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Decreased Absenteeism
  • Increase of Employee Morale
  • Decrease of Health Insurance Claims/Costs

As the rise of healthcare increases, the growing need to offer your employees a “preventative maintenance” plan is on the rise. Bowling Green Athletic Club now offers 3 types of Corporate Membership Plans to help your business operate more effectively and efficiently.


Partially Subsidized
Under this Plan, your company subsidizes a percentage of the employees monthly dues, the employee covers the balance. Under this plan, both the company and employee have options for payment.

Payroll Deduct
Under this Plan, your company deducts the monthly payment from the employee and makes the payment directly to BAC on behalf of the employee.

Under this Plan, your company does not subsidize any costs for a membership. All costs are paid by the employee.

*Capitation (Paid in full by the Corporation) is available upon request.

If your company is interested in a corporate plan please send us an email at

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