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  • New Years Special 2023

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  • JULY 2022 Group Class Schedules

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    Click on the Schedule to view.

  • Inclement Weather Updates

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    Follow us on Social Media to stay up-to-date on classes and early closures as inclement weather heads our way.

  • Nashville Road Re-Opening

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    We are excited to announce that our Nashville Road location will be re-opening on June 22nd. We will be operating with temporary hours Monday-Friday 5AM-8PM. Closed Saturday and Sunday. Please refer to our previous post for information on our guidelines.

  • Re-Opening Guidelines

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    We are excited to be reopening the doors at our Scottsville road location this Monday, June 1st. As a reminder we will not collect June dues. We will temporarily have reduced hours: Monday- Friday 5AM-9PM and Saturday and Sunday open from 7AM-3PM. We request that you bring and wear a mask when safe to do so. Example of this may be […]


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    Gov. Beshear has mandated that all gyms must close therefore we have now closed both locations (1640 Scottsville Road and 121 Flex Park Lane) effective Wednesday 3/18 at 5pm. We hope to be open in the coming weeks but regardless no dues will be collected until May or longer. As we work through this please […]

  • SOKY Article:CBD Oil

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    CDB Oil for Active Individuals Cannabidiol, also known as CBD oil, has been all the rave around the gym after many are experiencing better recovery times and overall well-being. CBD oil is a non-psychoactive property that is found in cannabis plants and contains less than 0.3% THC (the part of cannabis responsible for causing a […]

  • SOKY Article-Spinning

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    SPINNING MY WAY TO FASTER CYCLING Coming from a swimming background, triathlons aren’t always fun.  You are forced to start up front, only to be blown off the road during the bike portions.  Even if you can hold your own on the run, the bike is where time is either lost or gained.  This was […]

  • SOKY Article-BCAAs

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    What’s all the hype about Branched-Chain Amino Acids? What are BCAA? Branched-Chain Amino Acids are part of the 9 essential amino acids which means we must get them in our diet because our bodies do not make them naturally. Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein which is why they have become a popular […]

  • SOKY Article May

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    What is Functional Fitness? The term “functional” has become a very popular descriptive word over the past few years in the fitness community. At the most basic level functional fitness refers to any exercise that improves your everyday activities. This could include carrying the grocery bags in from the car or even a simple task […]

  • SOKY Article April

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    The running season is upon us so we sat down with our very own Jordan Green to discuss the advice he would give to anyone new to running. Jordan has been running competitively ever since his high school years and participates in many local runs as well as triathlons. He is also currently helping others […]

  • SOKY Article March

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    It’s time to do some spring cleaning but instead of organizing the messy closets we are working on polishing up some poor gym habits. We asked a few of our members along with the feedback from our staff about their gym etiquette pet peeves. Below are the top gym no-no’s.   Gym Etiquette: Respect the […]

  • SOKY Article February

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    This month at BAC our slogan is to “Love Yourself”. What do we mean by that? Well, our goal is to challenge everyone to take at least 5 mins to invest in their own well-being in some form or fashion. This may sound easy but you’d be surprised how many forget to set aside a […]

  • SOKY Article January

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    WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN A GYM. The start of the new year is always a popular time for setting goals and as most everyone knows planning to get healthier and in better shape is one of the top commitments people set out to accomplish. Unfortunately, many give up on that goal short of even […]

  • BAC Row Competition

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    This September BAC will be hosting our FIRST Two Team Row Competition.   This event will take place at our Scottsville Road location on Friday, Sept 2nd, from 8am-11am & 4pm- 6pm, Saturday, Sept 3rd, from 8am -11am and Sunday, Sept 4th, from 11am- 1pm. All performed on our Indo Row Water Rowers. Teams must consist of 2 members […]

  • New Class Offerings!!

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    Have you heard the news? Bowling Green Athletic Club is the only Club in town that offers Indo Row and Pound Classes.   THE INDO-ROW® PROGRAM Working in teams, partners and as one crew, Indo-Row® provides a TRANSFORMATIVE total-body workout that challenges the body and focuses the mind.   A UNIQUE CLASS FORMAT The unique format […]

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