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By C | In Gym, In the Spotlight | on March 6, 2018

It’s time to do some spring cleaning but instead of organizing the messy closets we are working on polishing up some poor gym habits. We asked a few of our members along with the feedback from our staff about their gym etiquette pet peeves. Below are the top gym no-no’s.


Gym Etiquette:

  1. Respect the Headphones- Do not start a lengthy conversation with someone who is wearing headphones.
  2. Do not MONOPOLIZE a piece of equipment-Allow others to work-in while you are resting.
  3. Save the phone use FOR LATER- Do not tie up equipment while you are searching through the social media feeds.
  4. Re-Rack your weights- If you are strong enough to load it, you are strong enough to put it back.
  5. Wipe off your equipment- Not only does it keep the germs at bay but it also signals to others that you are done with that piece of equipment.
  6. Practice Safe gym rules- Always wear closed-toed shoes, use clips on barbells and mostly importantly keep your bags off the floor.
  7. Use the Trash can- The gym is a second home for most so show a little respect and put your trash where it belongs.
  8. Proper Hygiene- No one wants to be the smelly kid so make sure you use deodorant before working out.


Group Fitness Etiquette:

  1. Show up on time- Do not be a distraction to others and the instructor by coming in late.
  2. Follow Along-There is a whole gym for you to do your own thing. Apart from modifications follow along with the routine the instructor prescribes.
  3. Save the Conversation for after class- this one explains itself.


Making fitness a part of your lifestyle is more than just working out.  Make your journey the best for you and others.


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